Products – Mendix

Mendix is the fastest and easiest platform to build and continuously improve Mobile and Web apps that enable innovation at web scale. It is the only application platform that provides a comprehensive, integrated set of tools for the entire app lifecycle, from ideation and development through deployment and operation.

The Mendix difference is the result of five core principles that are architected into every aspect of our platform.

Achieve unprecedented time to value

Empower your business stakeholders to contribute their requirements directly into a shared project portal, and communicate with them continuously throughout the development process. Use visual tools to rapidly build full-stack, scalable applications without ever needing to code.

Jumpstart development by incorporating pre-built components from the Mendix App Store with a single click, and by reusing your own app IP from your private app store. Deploy instantly to the cloud of your choice or to your local infrastructure. Leverage built-in feedback loops to receive user-feedback with ease to continuously improve your apps.

Create apps that exceed user expectations

Deliver what your business needs faster by putting collaboration at the heart of your development process.

Harness domain knowledge by empowering your business users to create their own prototypes without the need for coding or developer assistance. Leverage visual models as a common language between Business and IT for validating logic and business rules early and often in the development process. Demonstrate apps to users, live, and make modifications in real-time based on their feedback.

Enable end users to submit questions and enhancement requests through built-in feedback features integrated seamlessly with the platform and development environment. Vet and prioritize enhancements to continuously improve apps.

Build Smart Apps to drive insights and increase business velocity

Building solutions that leverage emerging technologies like IoT, Machine Learning and Cognitive Services is typically complex, requiring multiple, disparate technologies and hard-to-find skills. Mendix allows you to easily incorporate new technology to deliver intelligent, context-aware, and proactive Smart Apps.

Build apps that automatically adapt interfaces and behavior based upon business and environmental conditions, and position your architecture to accommodate new forms of interaction like wearables, conversational interfaces, and chat bots. Easily enhance your apps with sensor and location data, real-time analytics, machine learning and AI services, by incorporating APIs and Platform extensions that appear as native model components so new capabilities are seamless, fast, and easy to incorporate.

Employ openness at every level to Integrate, Extend and Adapt

The Mendix Platform is open from top to bottom, creating full portability, extensibility, and easy, seamless integration.

Avoid lock-in, assuring that all application assets—including domain models, logic models, and UI models—are fully open, accessible and exportable using standards and open specifications.

Don’t get locked into a specific cloud infrastructure provider or PaaS stack. Enjoy unrivaled deployment flexibility thanks to Mendix’s support for Cloud Foundry, Docker and Kubernetes, which allows you to deploy on virtually any public or private cloud, or in your own data center.

Easily integrate with your choice of third-party tools or services, such as enterprise standard ALM tools or testing services, using our platform APIs. Extend the out-of-the-box capabilities of Mendix via custom plugins written in Java or JavaScript, in tools such as Eclipse, Brackets, and Visual Studio Code. Access capabilities from other cloud platforms, such as AWS IoT, IBM Watson, and Microsoft Azure without coding. Leverage your existing application investments to deliver greater value faster through web APIs and pre-built or custom connectors.