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Anyone and anything can be tied to a secure, unique digital identity that holds their data. This makes it easy for businesses and governments to provide relevant and consistent services. This persistent digital identity holds the data of each user or device, so businesses can recognise their customers and the connected devices and things they use.

Forgerock’s identity and access management platform creates a secure digital ecosystem for people, devices and connected things to interact. This matters because Digital Identity has the power to transform the way millions of people, devices and machines interact with businesses, protecting, connecting and personalising services.


There are more ways for your customers to find, browse, and buy what you’re selling than ever before – and that’s awesome. But that also means you need to come to them, on whatever device, app, or service they’re using. And every employee has to know instantaneously who this customer is, from their order history to their preferences.

The ForgeRock Identity Platform was designed for this. With it, you can create a single customer profile company-wide, so everyone in every department can provide personalized service. You can offer products and services tailored to customer preferences and histories on any device. And customers can log in once and expect a seamless, secure shopping experience.


Download IoT Enabling the Internet of Things PDF.