Ian Collard

Managing Director

Ian is successful managing consultant and business development professional with 35 years of experience in the technology sector. With 16 years’ experience in the Identity and Access Management, GRC and Cyber Security arenas. Ian has built up Identity Methods since 2011 in to a specialised high value consultancy and service delivery organisation providing solutions to Blue Chip clients and with an emphasis on business focussed solutions that deal with client requirements. “We are not just a body shop.  Our consultants and architects have real world experience in delivery of solutions and advice to clients that both parties can stand by.  It’s important that Identity Methods stays with their clients and guides them through solution creation, procurement decisions and ultimately, delivery in to production and operation. That’s the way to create value and trust” Ian is responsible for the strategic direction of Identity Methods, its product and service selection and partnerships. He still rolls up his sleeves and get involved in programmes and deliverables. When he’s not eating, sleeping or working, he likes to ride his mountain bike and sing and play his guitar at open mic nights.

Dr Asad Ali

Innovation manager

PhD-educated Identity and Access Management expert, with a background of 5+ years in Cyber Security and Software Engineering Research. Experience across multiple large- and small-scale national and global projects. Expert skills in access control, static and dynamic analysis, security specification and enforcement, software engineering, and public speaking.