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beta systems-300x170-grey Beta Systems is a leading provider of IAM solutions designed for international companies and industries that process large volumes of data. Our highly scalable products deliver proven IGA modules for application in the complex, heterogeneous IT environments of mid-sized businesses and large corporations. Beta Systems is proud to offer the most comprehensive cross-platform IAM provisioning solutions in the market.

Beta Systems offers you far less risk for your Identity and Access Management (IAM) project than ever before. “Fast Forward IAM” is their standardised set-up and implementation of their IAM product suite at a fixed price. It can normally get a typical project up and running in three months.

With “Fast Forward” you can boost and safeguard your identity and access management project at the same time. It offers:


So, with Beta Systems “Fast Forward IAM” you have ‘reduced risk’, you ‘know your costs’ and you can rely on it being ‘established and delivered on time’!