Our Approach

Identity Methods is a consultancy-led security company operating across Europe and the Middle East. We work for companies in all sectors where information and data security continues to be absolutely paramount.

We work with organizations to help protect them against cyber threat, ensuring that they reduce their risk of fines, breaches of regulation, brand damage and loss of revenue by helping them define and implement industry-leading security solutions with a tangible return their on investment.

We specialise in three specific areas of security:

We are expert in advising companies on these three hot topics and provide end-to-end consultancy services to help them understand their existing security environments and, within that, provide expert service within the following areas:

Cyber Threat Audit – assessing your infrastructure, data, virtual and physical security and highlighting areas of strength and recommending solutions to possible vulnerabilities
Data Security – locating and auditing your data sources both in house and in the cloud. Understanding your data profile and ensuring that your data is as secure as possible from both inside and outside threats
Data Masking – using industry leading SW and techniques we can enable you to mask your sensitive data and ensure data privacy
Identity and Access Management – helping you write policies, procedures and postures around the access of your data, both employee access and external access. Single sign on, access controls, audit trails and reporting are key elements, as is BYOD and device security. We can help on the who/what/when/why – who accesses what data, why, when and what did they do – within this, we specialise in regulatory and compliance and can ensure you meet any well-known current and future requirements & standards and help you maintain these standards; we are currently doing a lot of work around the 2018 EU GDPR to assess organisations’ security and ensure they are ready
Digital Security – working with companies to ensure any proposed digital sales/marketing activity meets the appropriate and most stringent data and access security requirements
People – we can provide specialist security professionals with all levels of clearance to help with any aspect of your business – projects, BAU, day rate services, support, lifecycle services, health checks, audit and regulatory/compliance/information security
Procurement Assistance – we can run RFI processes, do market comparison exercises and assess product viability in any of these areas and in the wider security arena
Lifecycle Services – we work with companies on a regular basis to help them maintain their security postures and compliance. Engaging on a regular basis, we can become a virtual part of that organization and work with them to add value and assistance where required
Underpinning these services, we have a select few software vendors that we work with to help build any new solutions that a customer may require. We can design, deliver, commission and support the following vendors:

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