Architecture and Design

We focus on IAM as a business process, not just on technology. Our people are industry veterans who have worked with the major international systems integrators, consulting and advisory houses.

One of the key issues when considering an IAM project is to ensure that you identify upfront the appropriate tools and a robust process to ensure that a solution is delivered that will meet all of the project’s KPIs. Identity Methods’ consultants have a wide range of skills and experience, across various industries and sectors, so we are able to appoint people with the appropriate experience, whatever the sector that a client is in.

We appoint consultants or developers who have the experience and skills needed to do the specific role, in order to deliver a bespoke solution to the client’s problems. They will identify whatever IAM requirements the client’s problems suggest are needed and deliver an implementation proposal for the recommended solution, including a timetable and cost projections. This will include any impact on, or need for using, the clients existing resources.