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Enterprise by Design IDaaS

iWelcome have designed and built iWelcome with the complexity, security requirements, privacy concerns and also flexibility challenges. Large organisations benefit because of this. iWelcome is a cloud born platform and we therefore bring you all the benefits from the as-a-service delivery model. We get you up-and-running in a number of weeks, maybe days even and you pay-as-you-go for the usage of our IAM functionality. We are private by design, from network, through application and offer each customer a protected iWelcome environment. Our platform is engineered to securily offer a full scope of IAM functionality to connect all types of users: from employees through to suppliers and from partner to consumers.

Why choose our platform?

  • Consumer Identity
  • GDPR Compliancy
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Time to service
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Personal Engagement
  • 100% Cloud
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
  • European
  • Privacy & Compliance


Omnichannel and Digital transformation are key words in today’s businesses. Identity Management is a pre-requisite for these customer facing services, however traditional IAM does not suffice. iWelcome’s Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) Platform provides all the capabilities to acquire and interact with customers across all devices during all the phases of a customer’s life cycle. iWelcome improves registration rates and user experiences and directly fuels top line growth. Proof is delivered on a daily basis for millions of consumers in all kinds of industries: healthcare, media, publishing, retail and logistic services.


Organisations are challenged to provide access to employees in a constantly changing world. Employees are mobile. The number of co-workers increase. Applications are on-premise and in the cloud. New eHRM and eLearning services are being introduced. Devices are no longer controlled by the company and are by default mobile. Two factor authentication has become mainstream. Single Sign-On and self-service are demanded by end-users. iWelcome’s IDaaS platform is designed for this constantly changing world.


A single identity makes customer portals work. Identity is the glue for providing functionalities in multiple applications, offered in customer portals. At the same time one central Identity and Access Management platform reduces the burden on administrators trying to keep identities, attributes and access rights in sync. Delegated management and federated access are key elements of the identity system for connecting businesses. Every business can rely on a trusted relationship and secure access.