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PlainID Provides IAM teams with a simple and intuitive means to Control their organization’s entire authorization process. Our agile, standards-based platform acts as a master policy layer, Managing multiple policies seamlessly between all facets of IAM. PlainID simplifies Authorization to one point of decision, one point of control and one point of view of every authorization level: in the cloud, mobile and on-premise applications.

The Power of Policy

PlainID’s comprehensive Policy Management Platform, provides both enablement and restrictive policies, defining what an identity can or cannot access including separation of duties, and compliance and security controls. Policies are managed in graphical display, clearly showing the connections between users, devices, data and services along with all the relevant authorizations.

PlainID’s platform architecturally sits above all application and enforcement points enabling you to manage the increasing scale and intricacy of access controls. It significantly reduces the complexity associated with requirements to scale IAM systems and centralize distributed identities. Policy based access controls allow higher order policies to be refined into fine-grained controls.

PlainID separates the business logic, the Authorization policy, from the technical implementation, thus enabling distribution of the same policy to various consumers. Authorization decisions are dynamic, provided in real-time based on the here and now – time, place, events can all be part of the access decision, thus making the authorization smarter.

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