Data Masking, Access Management and Compliance Experts Identity Methods’ GDPR Book Featured on Amazon

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“If you thought GDPR was a dead duck post-Brexit – think again,” says data expert and Identity Methods MD Ian Collard. “No matter what deal is negotiated, if you trade with any company or authority in the EU, the broad sweep of GDPR principles will still apply.”

The new book ‘European Data Protection Legislation – What it Means to You’ explains how to navigate your way through the new rules and is now available from Amazon as a download .

Ian Collard said: “Amazon are very fussy about who they accept, and we were required to jump through a number of hoops before we qualified for an ISBN number and an Amazon listing – which is quite right and proper – but we’re now able to offer a ‘easy-read’ explanation of the provisions of GDPR and its controls and safeguards.

17 years ago less than 1% of Europeans used the internet. Today, vast amounts of personal data are transferred and exchanged around the world

“Irrespective of where an organisation is based or manages, stores or processes personal data relating to EU clients, prospects or employees, it must still continue to abide by the new regulation or risk very substantial fines.

“Outsourcing data processing offers no escape from the law – you will still be liable for its security. Plus data processors will also have liability for compliance – something many of them don’t currently appear to understand. “

“There’s still a mountain to climb in simply getting organisations to be aware of their new obligations,” adds Mr Collard. “Our latest corporate survey reveals that 38% are still not aware of the new rules and fewer still (14%) have planned their compliance.”

Two-thirds of people (67%) are concerned about not having complete control over the information they provide online.