Give your Business Engineers more time to create value and great UX using a low-code Rapid Application Development platform with enterprise capabilities.

Provide your enterprise with the tools to beat the development backlog by reacting quickly to new business application requirements.

What is Rapid Application Development?

Rapid Application Development (RAD) enables no-code and low-code business application delivery, taking you from alpha to gold without relying on a fleet of ultra-technical designers. A RAD methodology emphasizes the delivery of projects in small pieces and opens up projects to citizen developers.

With RAD, you get:

  • Faster, more cost-effective development

  • Better code generation

  • Greater modifiability by, and suitability for, non-coders
  • Streamlined system integration

  • Secured, Zero-Trust compatible app stacks

  • Improved feedback and market analysis

Democratise development with RAD

Larger projects are divided into a series of smaller projects, reusing commonly accessed templates, tools and processes to democratise delivery with Mixed Experience Development (MXD) – so it is not just coders who can understand your business’s proprietary services and apps. RAD guarantees that simplicity accompanies scalability, whatever your organisation’s needs.

When you choose to work with Identity Methods, you get the right team and portfolio of projects for rapid development, delivering operational efficiency, supreme time-to-value and business-IT collaboration with a revolutionised business application suite.

MXD from Identity Methods and Mendix

Identity Methods have collaborated with Mendix to deliver powerful low-code development, offering brisk application, portal and service interfaces builds. Within days, instead of months, you can deliver new business applications and services such as portals and microservices and benefit from limitless possibilities to innovate, recreate and proof apps.

RAD from Identity Methods

Work with us to rapidly generate service portals, apps and automation environments that securely cater to your clients, employees and contractors in a zero-trust framework. Your organisation’s unique requirements can be met with straightforward, low-code delivery – so whether you are an enterprise looking for efficiency, or you are looking for unmatched user experience, we can help you reach your goals.

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