Your organisation needs an effective Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution to secure your applications and confidential data.

At its heart, IAM is a framework of processes, policies and systems to manage, rationalise and secure digital identities. An effective IAM solution provides:

  • Reduced data breaches
  • Reduced management, IT and operational costs

  • Reduced issues with problematic passwords
  • Streamlined service for end users

  • Standardised security policies
    and easy regulatory compliance

  • Intelligent governance and administration tools

Protect your digital assets

‘Never Trust, Always Verify’: this is our approach to IAM. This ensures a cutting-edge, Zero Trust approach to your identity and access challenges, treating every request for authentication and access as though it came from outside your organisation’s network to maximse security and minimise breach.

With this, your organisation can:

  • Securely authenticate users according to all the data you have about them, rather than just their name or password

  • Deploy flexible authorisation for just-in-time policies, to allow the right balance between access and security

  • Guarantee vigilance with user intelligence and session segmentation, so you can be sure that digital risk is always confined to the smallest possible area

Use IAM solutions to suit your organisation’s needs

High-performance IAM solutions allows you to apply policies that minimise your organisation’s exposure to risk, while maximising business value and user experience. Whether you operate in consumer or enterprise-facing environments, working with our experienced consultants guarantees a robust IAM architecture to strengthen and future-proof your security, governance and productivity.

IAM from Identity Methods

We specialise in Zero Trust approaches to safeguarding your network in order to future-proof your organisation and prevent breaches. Whether consumer or enterprise, on-premise or in the cloud, you get flexible, cost-effective solutions to match your organisation’s scale and business processes.

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