Manage your user processes more efficiently with automated identity management.

Intelligent automation can better secure your organisation as stakeholders come and go, while dramatically reducing the amount of time you spend managing your user identities.

Why should I automate my Identity Management?

Automated Identity Management enables your organisation to focus on business objectives, not paperwork overloads. That way, you can manage your joiners, movers and leavers (JML), as well as your external stakeholders and partners, quickly and efficiently.

With Automated Identity Management, you get:

  • Faster, more cost-effective JML administration

  • More secure records management

  • Easy use for non-IT staff

  • Streamlined system integration

  • Secured, Zero Trust-aligned data management

  • Improved visibility and change management

Making identity simpler

Automated identity management helps you to take control of your identity lifecycle. Using software-driven workflows, the whole process of managing your identities takes less time and the cost of human errors is reduced.

Adding automation into your JML procedures will make your attestation, your entitlements review process and your reconciliation lifecycle faster and more accurate. This lets you adopt business-friendly, event-based processes to manage your identities, rather than the blind panic and massive cost of annual recertification.

And when it comes to security risks, you can be sure that your automated JML processes are secure. Access for leavers can deprovisioned and their accounts suspended or deleted in line with your organisational policies – it’s identity management that works for you.

Intelligent solutions for safer enterprise

With cutting-edge, Zero Trust-friendly software that works around your organisation, keeping on top of all your IDs has never been easier. Security starts with identity – and using constant monitoring, policy-driven JML processes and integrated enterprise apps, you can achieve a seamless security lifecycle for everyone you work with and deliver for, every day.

Automated Identity Management from Identity Methods

Work with us to rapidly introduce secure environments and solutions that cater to your clients, employees and contractors in a Zero Trust framework. Your organisation’s unique requirements can be met with straightforward, low-code delivery – so whether you are an enterprise looking for a more efficient approach to managing JML processes, or you are building new services and looking for an unmatched user experience, we can help you reach your goals.

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