Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Privileged Access Management (PAM) is vital in any organisation and can be implemented to achieve the principles of Zero Trust. PAM is an information-security mechanism that safeguards identities with special access or capabilities beyond regular users. A key information-security solution, PAM works through a combination of people, processes and technology.

When compromised, privileged accounts can pose significant potential risk to the enterprise. It’s therefore imperative that a PAM solution is implemented to ensure that core enterprise identities are secured and monitored. PAM can solve security weaknesses relating to the sharing of passwords and mitigates the risks associated with long-standing permissions.

As privileged accounts provide full access to the technology environment and its systems, it is critical to add additional layers of protection. That extra security is a Privileged Access Management solution.


With Privileged Access Management you get:

  • Controlled access to privileged accounts

  • The ability to prevent privileged account attacks

  • Regulatory access in one location

  • Preventative options to restrain credential sharing

  • The option to review and assess behaviours in real-time

  • Fast deployment

PAM is a key part of an organisation’s overall identity governance strategy. When integrated with broader identity and access management systems, businesses can achieve a unified-governance approach for all employees regardless of their role or level of access.

An enterprise-grade PAM solution offers organisations the ability to automate the creation, amendment, and deletion of accounts while providing robust monitoring and reporting. As security administrators need to monitor privileged sessions and investigate any anomalies, a PAM solution’s ability to provide real-time visibility and automated alerting are key benefits.

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