With intelligent integration management, your organisation can turbocharge information flow between your services and applications and drive down overheads.

Managing a project can be complicated, especially when different areas of the business have to collaborate. Different stakeholders use different tools to provide the methodology that they’re most comfortable with, to provide the results they want.

Integration Management for collaboration

When working on larger projects, complications occur with different tasks and processes that must all eventually align. Without this, the project can be extended over a period of time, causing delays and poor productivity.

Integration Management lets you avoid these frictions, streamlining management and coordination as you work.

With Integration Management, you get:

  • Seamless process management
  • Granular editability of integrations

  • Round-the-clock performance monitoring

  • Turbocharged project delivery

  • Automated updates from the cloud

Integration Management for coordination

Partnering with SnapLogic, we deliver a browser-based interface that makes building integration pipelines a low-code, accessible experience.

This elastic system allows for 24/7 performance monitoring of integration pipelines, as well as user permissions, projects, and security settings. System administrators can also configure lifecycle management and big data integration settings, user notifications and account data encryption levels.

With the monitoring dashboard, your organisation can always understand the performance of cloud integrations. Using system performance dashboards, drill-down capabilities, triggered event notifications and AI-based optimization recommendations, you get the business intelligence to power constant improvement.

Integration Management from Identity Methods

Get an integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) to manage, govern and delineate solutions and applications throughout your enterprise. Our experts understand how to use a lightweight, cloud-based iPaaS solution to offer instant productive gains, continuous monitoring and granular management to guarantee security and efficiency.

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