Rapid application development gives you the chance to develop your own powerful business apps and services, without spending a fortune on a team of developers.

Figure 1: Mendix’s 4 P’s – everyone you should involve as you develop apps and services. Credit: www.mendix.com

What is RAD?

The range of apps and services available today boggles the mind. From basic forms for text entry, to complete digital environments, their functionalities and uses grow all the time. Rapid application development allows you to create your own services, apps and solutions to the unique challenges your organisation faces. It involves low-code, highly development, in order to involve as many stakeholders in the development process as possible. This is coding, democratised.

What’s wrong with having a standard development team?

The honest answer is – nothing. Except that, when it comes to the complex task of finding software-driven answers to your organisation’s needs, having the development solely in the hands of hardcore coders works to reduce collaboration between business, IT and clients. With traditional, high-complexity app and service development, once you’ve handed over your requirements, it gets built, and excludes mixed-experienced citizen developers in the process.

So why does RAD help my organisation compared to traditional development?

Put yourself in the shoes of a small florists, looking to set up a subscription service to harness the growing market for on-demand goods and services. You lack IT know-how relative to the fat cats; you don’t have all their resources and time, nor the teams to help you.

RAD platforms allow you to sell your tulips on demand with click-and-drag inputs to guide you through the process and meet your needs. What you see is what you get – no need to enter and edit lines of code if you don’t want to.

That way, you can engage customers online, quickly getting ahead of your competition with innovative digital offerings, modernised systems and operational efficiency. And anyone can do it – it’s why Gartner calls it Mixed Experience Development (MXD).

What platforms are available for RAD?

Mendix offers solutions to your digitisation challenge. It’s about balance: your organisation will always want to stay in control of the development schedule and be aware of any innovation activity in your organisation’s digital space.

At the same time, time-to-value is vital; if you have an 18-month backlog, your competitors will get ahead of you as you struggle to meet consumer demands. And worse, consumers will begin to associate the kind of forwards-thinking you intended to offer with someone else.

Mendix works for organisations of all sizes. For any existing database, legacy system, event, service, file or cloud system used by your organisation, RAD implementation can offer a streamlined boost to your client and user experiences by delivering a more modern approach to digital delivery.

As a cloud-based platform, the possibilities are endless. Free training with monthly webinars, hundreds of easy-to-understand add-ins and hundreds of thousands of certified developers are available. All the support you need is there.

The big picture on RAD

The way business is done has changed. No longer do we all have the time to develop everything at high levels of complexity in-house, nor to wait for months to go live. And we can’t avoid the digital transformation of provision to customers and clients, as well as to our own employees. They’re demanding it. The best way to keep them happy, put your organisation ahead of the competition and work at the highest level of efficiency is to employ low-code, easily accessible and cloud-based development. It’s fast, it’s flexible and – best of all – quickly changeable. If you need it, you can go make it.

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