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You can’t protect what you can’t see

Visualisation is everything. The progress of your organisation depends on solid security – both for your clients and your colleagues. But do you know what’s happening in your network? After all, without a full understanding of users, devices and processes, you can’t protect your key digital assets. When you use network visualisation tools, you can achieve this level of intelligence.

Visualisation is value

Every business has sensitive, business-critical data and applications. It is the security team’s topmost priority to protect them. Any unauthorized access, theft, or destruction of this confidential data could result in losses and reputational damage. Nishith Desai Associates (NDA), a global law firm whose clientele includes Fortune 500 companies, had similar concerns.

Our partners at ColorTokens helped NDA to gain complete visibility into its entire network, enabling its security team with qualified, actionable insights about network traffic, gaps in security and cyber-threats. This is what the NDA founder had to say:

“Client information and data security is our top priority. In this quest, we have deployed military-grade security and data integrity systems for our clients… With ColorTokens, we have witnessed rapid ROI with quick implementation and increased operational efficiency.”

Company Founder, Nishith Desai Associates

Here is a quick overview of the NDA case study:

XShield visualisation case study

Our partnership with ColorTokens

Identity Methods are partnering with ColorTokens, a leader in Zero Trust Security, to pair expert consultancy with the latest in enterprise security. ColorTokens were named 2019 Next Generation Security Company of the Year by Cyber Defense Magazine; they are recognised world-wide by leading industry analysts, including Gartner. And with the digital landscape transforming more rapidly than ever, there has never been a better time to future-proof your organisation’s security. Here’s why:

Traditional security is failing your organisation

  • Traditionally, security has been handled by placing a firewall at the corporate perimeter.
  • Trusting everyone inside the perimeter of your network is no longer viable – a flat structure is unintuitive and unsafe.
  • Employees outside the perimeter expect access to virtually all information resources.
  • Customers and business partners need nearly the same level of access as employees.
  • Confidential data and software applications are now scattered across cloud platforms, corporate data centres, and endpoints.

Zero Trust is the answer

  • Zero Trust is a security concept that no longer assumes individuals, systems or services operating within a security perimeter should be automatically trusted.
  • Its adoption by many major firms has been driven by the aftermath of serious data breaches.
  • These breaches often happen because hackers, once they get past the corporate firewalls, are able to move laterally through internal systems.
  • It means that enterprises must verify everything trying to connect to its systems before granting access, representing the latest in enterprise security methods.

Get the Identity Methods Difference

  • For a whole month, you can experience the ColorTokens Zero Trust service, free of charge.
  • At no cost, you will get a weekly risk report identifying the security risks our experts have found.
  • This report could include
    • connections from known malicious sites (hackers) to your servers
    • early stage indications of ransomware
    • risky connections from shadow IT to your critical assets
  • We can deploy Zero Trust remotely without on-site hardware, changes to existing systems or downtime (including without rebooting).

To book a demo and find out more, click here or email us. Together, we can stay one step ahead of the hackers.