It has long been a concern that passwords represent a weakness in an organisation’s digital security strategy, and yet they are still being widely used in businesses of all sizes. However, driven by an increase in flexible working and the need for system access at any time from any location, a passwordless approach to identity and access management (IAM) is now gaining some real traction in the marketplace.

Indeed, Gartner predicts that by 2022, 60% of large and global enterprises, and 90% of midsize enterprises, will implement passwordless methods in more than 50% of use cases[1]. This figure was just 5% back in 2018. This illustrates the strong desire across industry for a change in how access is granted, and a need to update this process, moving away from username and password once and for all.

Passwordless authentication, by its nature, eliminates the problems associated with the use of weak passwords. It also offers benefits to users and organisations. For users, it removes the need to remember or type passwords, leading to a better user and customer experience. For organisations, there is no longer a need to store passwords, leading to better security, fewer breaches and lower support costs.

Safe-T: ZoneZero – Quick Access

Safe-T is an Identity Methods partner comprised of industry leaders from B2B security firms and government agencies as well as elite military units. Safe-T understands and appreciates the complex challenges of protecting data as the world continues to undergo digital transformation.

Safe-T has developed a passwordless access solution, its ZoneZero suite, to help organisations protect against brute force, injections and DDoS attacks. Using multi-factor authentication (MFA), the ZoneZero Quick Access portal enables access permissions to be granted using QR codes on a mobile phone, via messaging applications such as Telegram and WhatsApp, as well as via biometric means.

Watch this video to learn more about ZoneZero Quick Access

Safe-T: ZoneZero – Perimeter Access Orchestration

Safe-T’s ZoneZero perimeter orchestration solution allows customers to enhance secure access of their existing VPN infrastructure without the need to replace existing technology. Even when using traditional username and password type access, a user cannot access files or accounts until MFA is completed, taking the form of secure and unique code entry. This solution can help organisations achieve their access goals and form part of a Zero Trust strategy.

Watch this video to learn more about ZoneZero Perimeter Access Orchestration

A conversation with Safe-T’s Co-founder and VP, Eitan Bremler

Hear from industry luminary and thought leader Eitan Bremler, co-founder and VP of Safe-T, talking at the Cybersec 2021 Virtual Conference. Eitan talks about the challenges presented by Covid-19 and the position that many businesses found themselves in; suddenly having to grant and manage access for hundreds of home-based workers, with cybersecurity considerations lagging dangerously behind. Eitan goes on to discuss the benefits of the ZoneZero solution and the ability it affords businesses to adapt and control the experience for every type and level of user.

 Watch this video to learn more from Eitan Bremler about Safe-T and ZoneZero

By Nick Jukhoop